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All-On-4 Technique

A New Set Of Teeth In Just 1 Day

At Dr. Cris Piessens facilities, the patient enters at 8 am, has the All-on-4 technique completed and leaves, smiling, with a new set of bright and functional teeth, at 6 pm.

Have you ever looked in the mirror and wished your teeth did not let you down? Or gone out for a meal, only to realize that some of the tempting dishes on the menu are not for you because you are worried that your dentures might not cope? The All-on-4 technique may be a viable solution for you.

The All-on-4 technique is actually, a wonderful treatment plan for the right patient. This means that your new set of teeth will stay in place, only removable by your dentist. The surgical part is performed by Dr. Cris Piessens, a Belgian dentist who has more than 30 years of experience in the field of dental implants, in a sterile operating room setting using conscious sedation and local anesthesia.

Have you been told you have insufficient bone for dental implants? Regardless of tooth loss or bone loss, now it is possible to place dental implants in almost any jaw. In fact, the All-on-4 technique gives the chance to patients with severe bone loss to get fixed prosthesis on the same day of the implant surgery where other conventional techniques would fail.

In our facilities, we perform a 3D CT scan (CBCT) in order to assess your bone quality to identify the areas where the implants will have good bone support and an excellent prognosis. Furthermore, we use specific software to plan the surgery ahead of time to ensure that the implants are placed in a totally predictable way and in an optimal position.

Complete Procedure

Of An All-On-4

Advantages Offered

By The All-On-4 Technique

• It can be done without a bone graft
• Fewer dental implants are needed
• Dental implants are placed on the same day as extractions
• The patient is fitted with a new set of fixed teeth on the same day of the intervention.

It is the most cost-effective option for implant-supported teeth replacement. The actual success rates both for the upper and the lower treatment are in the ++90% range.

Life-Changing Solutions

What Is Involved In The All-On-4 Technique

Initial consultation and various detailed diagnostics including X-Rays, 3D CT scan and dental impressions will determine your bone structure and the condition of any remaining teeth. An initial fixed denture or bridge is fitted on the same day and the final denture or bridgework is made after a few months.

It is vital that you take good care of your implants, so regular maintenance visits with our dental hygienist and a commitment to good home dental care are essential for long term success. To learn more about same-day teeth and dental implants, take a look through our dental implant solutions or call us and let us change your life with a beautiful new smile!

All-On-4 Protocol

Same Day Teeth

Clinical Case_1a Clinical Case_1b
Clinical Case_2a Clinical Case_2b

Same Day Teeth is a technique for people with missing or failing teeth and usually refers to a new complete set of teeth screw retained on dental implants.

This is a great option for people who are already wearing dentures or are losing their teeth due to gum disease.

The idea is to provide the patient with a new ‘fixed’ set of teeth, screwed onto dental implants which have been placed on the very same day. Initially, these are a provisional set of teeth that look and feel great and are then replaced with a permanent set some months later.

To learn more about “Same Day Teeth “and dental implants, take a look through our dental implant solutions or call us and let us change your life with a beautiful new smile!

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.


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