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Smile and Serenity, the profound relationship between Oral Health and Mental Health

Sorriso e Serenidade a profunda relação da Saúde Oral com a Saúde Mental

Oral health is closely linked to mental health. Missing teeth and other dental problems can be a constant source of stress and anxiety. When a person feels ashamed of their smile, they tend to avoid social interactions, which can lead to isolation and feelings of depression. In addition, the pain and discomfort associated with chronic […]

Trust and Excellence in the Voice of Our Patients

Trust and Excellence in the Voice of Our Patients

Algarve Dental Implants currently has 186 opinions on the platform Google Reviews, the majority being extremely positive.  These opinions and evaluations are not mere words left by the users of services in the digital world, they are the voice of our patients, the proof of our dedication and commitment to excellence in dental implantology. In […]

Which Dental Implant Technique Best Suits My Case?

Which Dental Implant Technique Best Suits My Case

When making the decision to place a dental prosthesis through one or more implants, it is not all set in stone.  Choosing the right technique is crucial to ensure success, durability, comfort and suitability for specific needs, avoiding complications and improving quality of life.  The Algarve Dental Implants team is here for you, to help […]

Renewed Smile, Regained Confidence

Renewed Smile, Regained Confidence

Regaining a smile extends beyond a mere clinical procedure. It is a profound metamorphosis that directly affects self-esteem and personal well-being.  According to the experience of Algarve Dental Implants, the main reasons that lead patients to seek implantology services are aesthetics, health, improved chewing and daily comfort.  However, the main conclusion we draw from the many years of work restoring smiles with dental implants, is that the procedures have a very significant positive impact on patients’ self-esteem and confidence.

Will My Dental Implants Be Successful?

Will My Dental Implants Be Successful - algarve dental implants - dr cris piessens - Successful Implants

Many patients wonder about the success rate of dental implants. This rate is between 90% and 95%. Individual success is influenced by numerous factors. These factors range from the patient’s general health to specific oral hygiene practices, or the experience of the professional responsible for the procedure. Check it all out with us! One of […]

Dental Implant Surgery Booked – Now What?

Dental Implant Surgery Booked - Now What_

The decision to have dental implants is a positive step towards physical and psychological well-being.  It is the path to a healthy and confident smile and, with proper preparation and regular care, the procedure is rewarding. The Algarve Dental Implants team is here to support you every step of the way!  The initial consultation is […]

Algarve, where the sun illuminates bright smiles!


Having dental treatments while enjoying your holidays in the Algarve is an effective way to take care of your oral health while also taking the opportunity to get to know one of Portugal’s most popular and sunny tourist destinations. By opting for dental treatments in the Algarve during your holidays, you can take advantage of […]

The cost-effectiveness of dental implants


Dental implants provide a similar feel and function to natural teeth. This benefit significantly affects patients’ quality of life, allowing them to eat, speak and smile confidently. The cost of a solution with such a positive impact on people’s lives can be a pleasant surprise.  Loss of teeth can lead to oral health problems that […]

Dental Implants with the All-on-4 Technique, Recover Smiles and Quality of Life


Loss of teeth can have a significant impact on one’s appearance, self-confidence and quality of life. It is important to remember that there are dental solutions available to restore the function and aesthetics of the teeth such as, the All-on-4 technique which uses 4 dental implants to support a complete fixed dentition replacing all missing […]

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