Loss of teeth can have a significant impact on one’s appearance, self-confidence and quality of life.  It is important to remember that there are dental solutions available to restore the function and aesthetics of the teeth such as, the All-on-4 technique which uses 4 dental implants to support a complete fixed dentition replacing all missing teeth.

Teeth play a very important role in personal identity which is why when they are lost we can suffer considerable damage to our self-esteem and confidence, in-return are unveiled above all in social relationships.  

The All-on-4 technique is an innovative procedure with dental implants which has been around for 15 years and has remarkable tested results, which offers very significant advantages for those with missing or severely decayed teeth.  The aesthetic improvement is what is most visible due to  the teeth playing a fundamental role in the appearance of the face and smile.  The masticatory function is most important because the lack of teeth, or an inadequate removable prosthesis negatively affects the ability to chew food and speech itself.  These difficulties can generate frustration and limitations in daily activities creating feelings of sadness and insecurity.  

The All-on-4 technique is an effective implant treatment option for the vast majority of people, regardless of the number of missing teeth or bone loss. It provides patients who have advanced bone loss, for whom traditional methods would not be successful, the opportunity to have a fixed set of teeth on the same day they undergo surgery.  

At Algarve Dental Implants, patients undergoing the All-on-4 procedure enter the clinic at 8:00am and leave around 6:00 pm with a new smile and a fixed aesthetic and functional dentition. The surgery is carried out by Dr. Cris Piessens, a Belgian dentist with more than 30 years of experience placing dental implants.  The surgery is performed in a sterile environment using conscious sedation and local anesthesia.  

In the clinic, advanced 3D Computed Tomography (CBCT) is utilized to check bone density and identify areas where implants will have solid support and a favorable outcome.  

The team educates patients about expectations regarding the procedure including aesthetics, function, and individual needs.  Patients are also properly advised about post-treatment care and ongoing commitment to oral hygiene.  

An All-on-Four fixed dentition can improve one’s quality of life in many ways.  It provides stability and comfort when eating and talking, restoring masticatory function and speech clarity.  It will allow having meals with friends and family without restrictions.  The aesthetic improvement of the smile increases self-esteem making us more likely to participate in social activities, smile and talk without embarrassment.  With an All-on-4 fixed denture, we regain the ability to interact socially, safely and make the most of all social experiences .  In addition to all the benefits for quality of life, the All-on-4 treatment is also the most economical solution for placing a fixed dentition on implants.  Success rates for the procedure exceed 90%.