Dr. Cris Piessens has more than 30 years of experience
Placing dental implants since 1987

Dr. Cris Piessens, implantologist for 36 years

Dr. Cris Piessens

Dr. Cris Piessens crafter


Extensive clinical experience and a leader in the field of dental implants and oral rehabilitation.

Dr. Cris Piessens has become the choice for many European patients traveling to the Algarve for affordable dental Implants.

Our philosophy is to provide excellent medical services without neglecting the physical and human dimensions necessary to offer quality to our patients.

Dr. Cris Piessens is one of Western Europe’s more experienced implantologists placing dental implants since 1987. He celebrated his 1000th dental implant in 2001 and has subsequently placed between 350 and 400 dental implants per year. His extensive clinical experience and continued academic post-graduate courses have made him a leading practitioner in the field of dental implants and oral rehabilitation.

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