L’Algarve s’est rouvert au monde !

Algarve has reopened! Whether Algarve is your usual holiday paradise, or the south of Portugal was a destination you were hoping to finally visit, we have great news! A growing number of airlines have resumed international flights to Faro, while other carriers are expected to do it in the…

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The broad definition of health tourism refers to people seeking medical attention, as well as health care services, in a country other than their place of residence. Health tourism was defined by the International Union of Tourist Organizations (IUTO), the forerunner to the United Nations World Tourism Organization, as…

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How can dentistry abroad be cheaper for the same or even better quality? One of the main factors why dental treatment in the place of your residence is expensive or for some even not affordable, comes from the simple fact that being a dentist in your country equals being…

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