We all know Dental Medicine is a field under constant progress. In the blink of an eye, new procedures are developed, promising to improve oral health with even greater convenience, effectiveness and long-term results.

Even so, there is a little secret we love to share every single day. Although our treatments are provided by world-renowned specialists, oral health does not end here. Your role is also essential!

At Dr. Cris Piessens facilities, we do not treat mere ‘patients’ – we deal with people who deserve our time and respect. For that reason, we value the sharing of knowledge. How so? By explaining, educating and increasing awareness!

Why do we do this?

Because healthy and clean teeth only stay that way when we work as a team. And, for that to happen, it is important to educate people about prevention and a range of daily procedures.

Simple aspects, such as how we brush our teeth, or the signs we should take notice of, make all the difference. More than that, they actually allow the patient to have an active voice in their own health.

If you have had an implant surgery or dental restoration, you should know that simply returning to the dentist’s office after a year or two is not enough. That is something we make a point of sharing, because knowledge is never too much and, in this case, it even allows everyone to smile longer.