We all know the feeling of travelling and how rewarding it can be. Whether on leisure, for professional reasons, or due to health concerns, travelling is a small adventure that sets us free from our daily routine, right?

As important as the appeal of the destination, however, is its ability to make us feel welcome and safe. If we are unfamiliar with our surroundings, we want to feel comfortable and trust the streets and people we see.

Such need is even more important when it comes to dental tourism, which is associated with financially comfortable travellers, who could be an easy target in an unsafe country. As a result, people need to understand what the best destination may be.

So, what do the statistics say? Well… Have you ever heard of Portugal? It is the third safest country on the planet and the first in all of continental Europe (according to the Global Peace Index 2019). Yes, you read correctly!

In such a country, terrorism does not exist, political protests are peaceful and your biggest threat is a pickpocket. You can walk the streets wearing your best clothes and trust the local authorities, as the safety of Portugal keeps making the headlines.

If you are looking for a peaceful destination where you can feel safe, you know where to plan your dental treatment. Of course, the fact that the Algarve has excellent dentists is just another proof of its safety!