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How can dentistry abroad be cheaper for the same or even better quality? One of the main factors why dental treatment in the place of your residence is expensive or for some even not affordable, comes from the simple fact that being a dentist in your country equals being a rich individual.

The society as such has determined that the gain on the work as a dentist has to be so big that the professional can afford a high standard of living for him and his family.

Whereas, in different countries, being a dentist is not considered being elitist.  Also, the cost of living is only half of what represents at home.

Mainly, overhead expenses and personal gain determine the prices asked for dental implant treatment.

The cost of the materials used stand only for a small part of the fee.  Even in low cost countries, you can easily find dentists working with premium implants.  Infection being the most common complication, it is imperative to understand the level of hygiene that the clinic you choose applies.  Is there a separate surgery room to perform the implant surgery?

This is often not the case even in your home country. A sterile environment will protect you from any cross contamination and infection.  Do not ever accept dental implant surgery being done in a dental chair where perhaps the patient before you had a dental abscess drained.

High standard clinics such as Cris Piessens Clinic in the Algarve, Portugal are equipped with a separate dental implant surgery room and the most advanced technology such as a 3D CBCT x-ray and digital scan.

Good research on the internet will help you to find the right place to have dental implant treatment abroad in a safe environment, performed by a highly specialized and experienced Doctor able to speak your language.  Be critical and search for transparency and especiality.  Regarding C.V. and prices.

Traveling for obtaining cheaper dental care may have harmful consequences for some individuals as quality of care is of utmost concern.

Dentistry educational system and training, regulation of dental clinics, accreditation and licensing of dentists, and quality of dental services around the globe are very different and unpredictable.

Risks surrounding dental tourism mostly arise from this matter while some dental tourists will receive excellent care when they travel abroad for treatment.

Other patients risk receiving  substandard  care, therefore  patients  seeking  dental  care  abroad  should  be  wary of  clinics offering substandard procedures.

First of all, we have to consider that choosing a dentist or dental clinic even in your own area is a difficult task.

Quality dental implant treatment will only be referred to by two main parameters:

  • Was it painful?
  • Was it expensive?

Only time will tell if the treatment one has received was successful quality dentistry.  Therefore, it is capital to do some research on the clinic and dentist you are choosing.

  • How long has he been practicing in the same locality?
  • What is his curriculum vitae?
  • Where did he study?
  • Are there any objective comments available on the internet, aside from their own website (e.g. Google Reviews)?
  • Can I communicate in my own maternal language?

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