Do you know the rule of karma?

In short, it is the belief that all our actions return to us. As a result, and according to it, if we do good deeds, we will be rewarded with acts of kindness from other people.

What does this have to do with Dental Medicine?

Well, everything is connected. Even though we do not think about it, the truth is the well-being of our mouth is central to the health of the rest of our body.

Taking care of dental cavities, preventing gum disease or visiting the dentist regularly is much more than a simple matter of aesthetics or intraoral comfort. If we do not take care of our teeth, our entire system is at risk.

Since our mouth is the gateway to many potential risks and bacteria, nothing should be more logical than investing in dental care. As frightening as it may seem, science has shown that certain heart problems and pneumonia have been caused by poor oral health.

The lesson of today?

If we treat our teeth with the care they deserve, our body will thank us. Likewise, if our overall health is not at its best, the signs will eventually become evident in our mouth.

All things said and done, let us preserve good karma, not forgetting that the mere act of smiling can also work wonders for health. Curious? Then it is time to make an appointment! Contact us.