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The Power of Change, a Story that Could Belong to All of Us


The Power of Change, a Story that Could Belong to All of Us

Jennifer*, a 69-year-old retired teacher, from Birmingham in the United Kingdom, currently lives the peaceful life she chose, in the city of Albufeira, in the Algarve with her husband, Ray, and their two dogs, Spring and Summer.  Despite her happy and serene life, Jennifer had, for years, an internal struggle with a problem that she didn’t have the courage to resolve: her oral health.

For many years, Jennifer suffered from dental problems.  Frequent cavities that resulted in complications and a deep-seated aversion to going to the dentist led her to postpone essential treatments.  Over time, recurrent infections forced her to undergo several extractions, leaving her with few teeth and a deeply shaken confidence.

Jennifer’s contagious joy faded.  She, who had always been passionate about cooking, lost interest even in this activity.  The difficulty chewing led her to a constant diet of soups and soft foods. Ray felt the change and lack of Jennifer’s contagious smile, which created a shadow in his life.

The change came one summer, when their daughter visited with little Katherine, their 3-year-old granddaughter.  The child seemed uncomfortable around Jennifer, who now rarely smiled.  That reality struck her deeply. It was then, that while reading a local newspaper aimed at foreign audiences, she came across an advertisement for Algarve Dental Implants.  The ad talked about the “All-on-4” method, which promised to restore a complete set of teeth in just one day, on four fixed implants.  The possibility brought her some hope and inspired her to change. 

After all, you wouldn’t need recurrent and prolonged treatments to be able to enjoy the things you used to enjoy again: eating, talking, smiling… Simple things in life, which we only miss when we can’t have them.

Determined, Jennifer called the clinic.  The careful and attentive service she received on the phone strengthened her courage.  She told Ray, and together they went to the appointment.  They met Dr. Cris Piessens, whose empathy and professionalism immediately gave them confidence.

After examinations and analysis of treatment options, Jennifer decided to proceed with the “All-on-4” procedure that had awakened her courage.  Two weeks later, she returned to the clinic for a transformation that would change her life.  When she finished the treatment and left the clinic at the end of the day, it wasn’t just her reflection in the mirror that was different.  The change was also internal, with renewed self-esteem and renewed joy in life.

The impact of the treatment was immediate and profound on Jennifer’s life.  Her granddaughter, Katherine, now smiles and interacts with her without hesitation.  Jennifer went back to cooking, laughing and enjoying life with new vitality.  The smile she thought she had lost forever returned, and with it, the desire to live the good things in life.

Jennifer’s story is an example of the power of positive change.  Her experience with Algarve Dental Implants testifies that the key to restoring joy and confidence may be closer than we imagine.  It is a story that could be that of any of us, that reminds us that it is never too late to rediscover happiness and fulfilment. 

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* To maintain the privacy of our clients, we created Jennifer, a fictional character based on characteristics common to many of our patients.  People whose lives were positively impacted by the “All-on-4” treatment, who returned to laughing, smiling, talking, socialising and being happy.

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