Highly complex dental treatments, provided with safety, responsibility and affordable prices? Check! A team of excellent professionals, on the same level as the best in the world? Check! Irresistible weather for those who are sick of rain and cold temperatures? Check!

We could use all those arguments to name Portugal as an unparalleled candidate for Dental Tourism. Even so, and as competition grows and new destinations appear, what makes this little country so special?

The answer to the thousand-dollar question lies in another element: its people. Anyone who has ever visited the Algarve knows what we talk about: wherever there is a Portuguese person around, there is friendliness, hospitality, good stories to share and a friend for great memories.

If you do not know the way to the clinic, ask a Portuguese citizen, who will try their best – speaking in English, Deutsch, Dutch, Spanish or French – to help you with whatever you need. If you want to relax after your treatment, go to a pub and it will not take long before a Portuguese starts talking to you.

By the way: do not be fooled by the traditional Fado music, based on the themes of longing and sadness, as the Portuguese are quite effusive towards others and will never let you feel like a stranger. Quite the opposite: they will make you smile.