Hilotherm is a device that has been indicated as an effective and modern method in the recovery of trauma and post-surgery. Cold therapy has been tested and approved for centuries to relieve pain and swelling, but the ideal temperature for treatment is within the thermal range of 10º Celsius and 24º Celsius. Hilotherm allows Dr Cris Piessens defines and controls the continuous cold water flow effectively diminishes swelling and pain.

How does Hilotherm help?

After injury or surgery, the supply of oxygen and nutrients to the affected tissues is considerably impaired. Oedema and haemorrhages ( swelling and bruising ) considerably obstruct the supply of oxygen and nutrients in damaged tissues. Thus the patient may experience circulatory problems associated with inflammatory processes in the affected parts of the body. Hilotherm reduces the temperature in the affected part of the body around 10 degrees and reduces the speed of metabolism by around 50% thus the amount of oxygen that reaches the wound becomes sufficient for its regeneration.

Why does Doctor Cris Piessens use Hilotherm®?

Doctor Cris Piessens applies this cold therapy for his patients after every important dental implant surgery. The mask is placed on the patient’s face for 15 minutes at 18 degrees Celsius. It is of particular importance however that the temperature does not fall below 15 degrees Celsius otherwise the lymphatic drainage is impaired.  In order to positively influence influx and reflux through arteries and veins by forced vascular dilatation, a low threshold and precise location of the thermal application is important.

In addition to the associated comfort, and immediate relief referred by patients, this therapy also reduces the need for analgesics during the post-operative phase. By combatting swelling, the appearance of bruises, oedema and inflammation as well as by activating the lymphatic drainage that allows the elimination of harmful substances this therapy assumes itself as an ally of excellence in tissue regeneration and post-surgical recovery.

The Hilotherm cold mask secures the correct temperature in the after surgery recovery period whilst the patients’ new teeth are being fabricated. Few hours after getting the implants Doctor Cris Piessens connects the new set of teeth to the implants allowing the patient to go home comfortably enjoying his new smile.