The lesson from the Chameleon

Enjoying the pleasant heat and peaceful nature, the Chameleon is one of the most charismatic inhabitants of the Algarve. Who doesn’t get excited when spotting this friend of ours, sitting on a branch? Always aware of its surroundings, the wise reptile knows everything about Mother Nature and understands how to get the best out of it. As a result, the Chameleon can change colour, adjusting itself not only to the effects of weather and environment, but also to its own mood.

No matter the age, regardless of how much time has passed, there is no point dwelling in what was lost or left behind. For the Chameleon, everything can be reinvented, everything can be transformed and everything can be recreated! Such is the miracle of nature. So, why shouldn’t we learn from it? Mixing the Chameleon’s ingenuity with the best technology and scientific evidence, Dental Medicine can also improve and adjust how we look and the way we think about ourselves!

Do you remember the smile you used to have when you were young and your oral health was different? What if we told you that, with Implant surgery, you could have your handsome and healthy expression back again?

If the Chameleon changes its colours to reflect how it feels, why can’t our smile express itself without limits? Let’s turn things around in our favour! A wise lesson from a local and ancient little reptile.

Developed by: Manuela Rodrigues
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